Scripted Skin | Installation


The concept of the scripted skin evolved from redefining and contemporizing the historical 'Stone Jalis: perforated stone or latticed screen' of India. The entire installation is scripted from concept to construction.

Lattice structure of 'voronoi' was used to construct the skin. The idea for the screen was to create layers of visual penetration and cast interesting shadows on the walls and the floors.

Design Process

1) Site Photo > 2) Photo Pixelation > 3) Parametric Dot Pattern Generation > 4) CNC Disc cutting and prototyping > 5) On Site Fabrication and installation

Design Tools

Rhino > Photoshop (Pixelation) Grasshopper (Dot Pattern Generation) > CNC Routing

Media: Temporary Installation
Type: Urban Farming and Sustainability
Proposal Location: Oakland Museum of California
Project Manager: Shivang Patwa
Project Team: Hood Design + University of California, Berkeley

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