Frame-Refrain | San Francisco


The 16-by-16-foot frame created by Howard is inspired by antique Rococo styles and meant to capture the views of the landscape at the Shipyard. Just 100 yards away, a structure created by Hood explores the interior-exterior duality and the conscious consideration of space invoked by Howard's frame.

A frame acts as a set of spatial limits that identify a work of art, as if to say: this, in here, is art - that, out there, is not. It subverts the traditional function and place of the frame by applying it to an outdoor space. An enlarged version of an antique Rococo bronze frame is placed within the landscape of the Hunter's Point Shipyard. It frames the multiple views and perspectives of the Shipyard's landscape.

Refrain, a free-standing Cor-Ten sculpture is comprised of metal discs varying in size freezes the current landscape in time. This three-dimensional sculpture is an abstracted image of the landscape made physical. A flat two-dimensional image is repurposed into a three-dimensional object. A photo taken from the existing site looking north feature the Bay Bridge and foreground planting at Hunter's Point. The photo was pixelized as dot patterns and further abstracted as spheres. The spheres are cut from metal and molded to independent steel rods. The steel rods are set in a grid that measures 6' x 16', producing a three-dimensional object.

Design Process

1) Site Photo > 2) Photo Pixelation > 3) Parametric Dot Pattern Generation > 4) CNC Disc cutting and prototyping > 5) On Site Fabrication and installation

Design Tools

Rhino > Photoshop (Pixelation) Grasshopper (Dot Pattern Generation) > CNC Routing

Media: Art Installation
Type: Urban Landscape
Dimension: 30'x10'
Budget: $250,000
Proposal Location: Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA
Project Manager: Shivang Patwa
Project Team: Hood Design + Artist Mildred Howard

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